Monday, October 11, 2004

Audiogate, Promptergate, whatever...

Wanna know more about the Bush earpiece/ mystery bulge? Its sort of a humorous story in the US mainstream news, but in elsewhere its a huge story. They've been analyzing Bush's speeches on the BBC/BBC radio all day. The story seems to be sticking. There's a lot of people stepping forward with their own info now.... the story is snowballing.

Check out the links:

The "official" web site:

A great blog link:

Another weird video... no ghost voice, but whoa... this is from last December, they're already talking about an earpiece here!

Bush acting crazy at a press conference, whats he doing? Earpiece prompting?

discussion of above:

Check it out and send the links on!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a nurse.
Bush supporters that I talk to about Bush being wired don't care! They accept that he is bumbling public speaker.
Bush supporters that I talk to about Bush being in Atrial fib and wearing an external defibrillator sit up and take notice.
Health is the universal equalizer. If there is an effort by the Bush campaign to conceal an adverse medical condition, the medical community and the public would be outraged.
Physically, it looks like Bush is throwing small clots, perhaps a mini-stroke. Add in the frequent falls, father's cardiac history, and refusal of his annual physical....reasonable doubt.
There should be an organized push for the press to investigate. (Cheney's heartbeat away is no great shakes!)Time is running out.

5:09 AM  
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