Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Another great news article.... Hmmmm.

More independent reporting from overseas... the US media still has not jumped on this story probably because its still all a lot of speculation... but I think everyone has gotta admit by now that SOMETHING was under Bush's jacket.

Here's a tasty morsel from the story:

But with the White House insisting the strange shape was caused by a wrinkle in Bush's suit, the Daily Record spoke to top private investigators in Scotland about how easy it would be to be wired up to receive messages.

The answer is, very easy - even with basic equipment. Scots bugging and surveillance expert, Bob Carrigan, of Caledonian Investigations Agency Excel kitted us out at short notice with the kind of gadget which would have created the bulge.

Using very basic devices costing around £100, Bob equipped me with a receiver and earpiece which would do the job of feeding me lines.

Taped to my shirt, it created a Bush-style bulge between my shoulder blades which stuck out like a battery pack or concealed weapon, and was as uncomfortable as it looked.

Full story at the Daily Record (Scotland)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess we need to have Kerry clap him on the back after the next debate when they are shaking.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to what if anything Kerry "discovered" when he DID pat GWB on the back after the 3rd debate! Any new reports on this???

4:05 AM  
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