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Compiled over the last 3 weeks. For video/photo/news links scroll down.
or visit the BULGE ART GALLERY

• --> Great content and spirited debate.
• --> THE CANNONFIRE SITE More awesome coverage,
• --> A great BULGE SITE! BUSHBULGE.COM Lots of photos and ways to contact the press!
• --> GREAT SITE ...nice image enhancements and evidence!
• --> NICE POSTS HERE politicalcommentator blog

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CURRENT NEWS!!! Nov. 7th-->
• NEW!! --> THE NEW YORK TIMES covers this story again, and proclaims that the tailor, Georges de Paris, is "off the hook" and not responsible for the pesky bulge. The above artricle also refutes the recent story by THE HILL that the bulge was simply a bulletproof vest, but makes no mention of the NASA analysis.
• NEW!! --> "Nothing was under his jacket,". This statement comes from none other than Karl Rove, in a new AP story.
• NEW!! --> Karl Rove shows his love for mocking the Bulge (from Newsweek).
RADIO INTERVIEW Dave Lindorff discusses the Media's coverage of the BULGE, including the killing of the story by the Washington Post, as well as the NY Times. Download the mp3, bulge topic starts at about 17:25.
BALTIMORE CHRONICLE covers the story.
• Yet another OFFICIAL explanation: FROM THE HILL ... from the same guys who brought us the wrinkle excuse.
• --> NASA photo analyst INTERVIEW Listen to part 2!!!
• --> ROVE mockes the "bulge" ...from the International Herald Tribune
• --> NY Times article ...on secrecy in the Bush Administration. Mentions the "bulge".
• --> a Fresh Story out of Australia, discussion of the Bulge (registration req'd).

• SEE THIS --> DAVE LINDORFF'S ARTICLE IN MOTHER JONES The evidence grows stronger and the questions remain unanswered. "'Nothing about the bulge is going to run here before the election.' -The Wall Street Journal." (story excerpt)! A MUST SEE! Another new Lindorff piece .
• SEE THIS --> NEW SALON.COM STORY NASA ANALYST says the bulge EXISTS. New photo enhancement. Story text is posted in the comments section HERE.
• NEW!! --> NEW 9/11 Bulge - Enhanced Photos in the Photo Gallery! Amazing!
• NEW!! --> NEW BULGE PHOTO!!! From White House Site! (also in photo gallery)
• --> SF CHRONICLE discusses BULGES and SPYWARE!
• --> Why the MEDIA WILL NOT COVER THE BULGE Interesting! From radio/transcript.
• --> LINK TO SPECS for the new receiver/earpiece photo go to the PHOTO GALLERY.
• --> THE WEBSITE for the above device.
• --> ASSOCIATED PRESS story on the recent DOONESBURY comic strip. Saturday's strip is causing controversy due to "profanity" and the Bulge subject.
• Doonesbury: Strip #1,... Strip #2, ... Strip #3 ... Strip #4 ... Strip #5 ... Strip #6 The controversial one!
• --> NEW STORY on today's admission by the Bush campaign that they have doctored a photo and used it in an TV ad. It speaks volumes as to how far the Bush campaign will go to stretch the truth. and change facts. Think: Wrinkle or Bad Tailoring?
• --> CONSERVATIVE WEBSITE comments on Bulge. Its not new, I just missed it previously.
• --> MORE BULGE commentary. Ongoing.
• --> FOX NEWS discusses and dismisses THE BULGE, read the story.
• --> Satirical piece ...discusses the BULGE
• --> NEW ARTICLE by Dave Lindorff
•--> BALTIMORE CHRONICLE Opinion Piece discussed the BULGE
•--> Recent piece by the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
•--> A NEW EARPIECE SYSTEM ...note the rectangular "inductor" in the accessories section.
•--> Bush's latest BAD TAILORING comments as covered on CBS, New York
•--> ...and in South Africa
•--> ...and in the Seattle Times
•--> ...and in the Daily Record (UK)
•--> ...and at
•--> ...and at Japan Today (with comments forum)
• --> The Tailor's Story from THE HILL. A popular link and a must-see for BULGE fans!
•--> An Editorial ...discusses the BULGE and how it upstaged Ashley Simpson
•--> Recent Story from Axis of Logic ...asks why NO INVESTIGATION?
•--> ARTICLE: The Web of Politics ...more on blogs and bulges.
•--> Article ...from Oct. 25.
•--> BUZZFLASH ...posts a satirical piece.

• --> Many visitors have complained that they couldn't view the 9/11 Commission BULGE video. It requires Quicktime.
• --> See the screen shots HERE! ...There is also a link to another video source on the page as well as plenty of commentary.
•--> DOWNLOAD THE FULL VIDEO HERE (6.5mb). The Bulge appears as Bush turns around. Its subtle but its there! Absolutely! Source: Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD - Special Features section - New Scenes- "Bush After His "Visit" with the 9/11 Commission". If you purchased this video you can see the bulge in HIGH QUALITY!
• --> ARTICLE on Bush's 9/11 Commission testimony and the BULGE seen there! Another photo of this is in the BUSH WIRED PHOTO GALLERY.
• --> DAVE LINDORFF STORY from the other day. Interesting... also mentions the 9/11 commission BULGE.
BUSH WIRED feels that the 9/11 Bulge is important because THE BULGE has been seen in another crucial situation where President Bush could have benefitted from wearing a "wire"... The 9/11 Commission Hearings. If you remember, when Bush and Cheney appeared before this commission, they refused to testify under oath, no taping, photos, or transcripts were allowed. Nobody knows what happened behind those closed doors, but these stipulations raised many eyebrows among the press and ordinary Americans. Now that that the familiar "rectangular shape" has appeared again in a very crucial situation, I'm sure more questions will continue to be asked. AMERICA DESERVES AN ANSWER!

• --> The American Media Has Failed Again A new story... I'll agree with that!
• --> New Article asks, "But has anyone in the media tried to find out what that bulge really was?"
• --> The Tailor speaks again!! From today's THE HILL. Gee, this sounds kinda familiar... I thought they fired him! See the picture... this is funny, well, not really. I can't believe they are still standing behind the statement that the BULGE was a WRINKLE! Does ANYBODY buy this?
• --> Dems keeping BULGE "on ice"? BULGE, THE OCTOBER SURPRISE? ...or, Blogtober Surprise more exactly.
• --> Editorial Commentary ..."What's the Fuss over a Bush Audio Receiver?"
• --> more Editorial Commentary on a OCTOBER SURPRISE... mentions Bulge.
• --> President Bush (perhaps) references the Bulge "rumor" From today's press release.
• --> SEND A LETTER TO THE PRESSDemand answers and "serious" reporting!

NEWS AND LINKS ARCHIVE (misc. topics):

• --> Paula Zahn Now did a surprisingly in-depth segment on THE BULGE on CNN. No video (yet), but they covered the theories, showed numerous, pictures, and highlughted websites devoted to The Bulge (including BUSH WIRED). This was the first time I saw this story covered in the "major media" in a serious light.
• --> DAVE LINDORFF Author of the first story speaks on his BULGE experiences and why the topic isn't receiving serious scrutiny by the media.
• --> WALL STREET JOURNAL A Brief mention of the BULGE.
• --> NEW YORK TIMES article (as posted in the International Herald Tribune)
• --> PILLGATE? from The Washington Post
• --> Gets an anonymous tip from a SECRET SERVICE AGENT!!!
• --> TORONTO STAR article "Media Losing Battle of the Bulge"
• --> OPINION PIECE from the LA Times (as posted in the Salt Lake Tribune)
• --> DALLAS MORNING NEWS asks the question we all want an answer to.
• --> An article from AFRICA a different spin

NEWS ON THE BULGE PHENOMENON AND THE WIRED THEORY: first broke this story to the "mainstream media". Shortly thereafter the story was picked up by the New York Times and the Washington Post. ( offers a free "day pass" to view the entire article... well worth the price of watching a short ad)
• --> Salon.Com story The original piece by Dave Lindorff.
• --> AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and in-depth look at the BULGE topic as a whole. Incredible information and quotes from reliable sources "confirming" the WIRED THEORY... we're all waiting for a follow-up.
• --> The New York Times article that covered the BULGE and broke the story to the major media is no longer available to view free of charge. Go to their site if you wish to purchase the article from their archive. NY TIMES ARTICLE
• --> CUEING SYSTEM The alleged earpiece apparatus
• --> Star Stories: How Story Weblogs are Changing the Dynamics of Building News Properties VERY INTERESTING!
• --> Mean Politics
A MASTER TAILOR on the "bad tailoring" excuse offered by the Bush/Cheney Campaign.
• --> An ARTICLE was submitted that has the specs for this system which was "delivered to the White House"
• --> An interesting article on the WIRED/Earpiece subject.
• -->
Another article on the BULGE

• --> Brit Hume of FOX news weighs in on the issue, dismissing the topic because of the author of the piece is a liberal. Shoot the messenger?
• --> An interesting piece from Saudi Arabia (the Author is obviously no fan of Bush)

• --> Another article out of the Philippines

• --> A very interesting opinion piece "Take Me Out to the Bulge Game":
• --> Another BULGE STORY
A skeptic weighs in
• --> A SHORT ARTICLE on Debate 3 BULGE
• --> Another EARPIECE link
• --> A POLL by The Economist. Bulge stats on page 2 & 3 (pdf)
• --> Jesse Jackson weighs in on the BULGE!!! BOSTON HERALD article. Jackson: Voters deserve truth about Bush's mystery bulge
• --> Taking the fight to the airwaves
• --> Washington Post article by Tina Brown (An interesting note on Bulge at the bottom)
• --> And another GOOD STORY that kind of sums up the whole thing, earpiece coaching or not.
• --> THE REGISTER did a story on the BULGE subject.
• --> ARTICLE discussing the Bulge
• --> Hoffman Wire "Sure, Bush uses an earpiece sometimes," a top Washington editor for Reuters said to me last spring. "State of the Union -- he had an earpiece for that. Everybody knows it," he said, "or assumes it." Or so says Michael A Hoffman II. Hoffman is a former broadcaster for the American Contemporary Radio division of ABC News, and a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press.
• --> The Daily Record (Scotland) does their own investigation

THE MEDICAL THEORY (specific links):

• --> article on the speculation of Bush's health floating around blogs everywhere.
• --> THE LIFE VEST DEFIBRILLATOR the alleged medical apparatus.
• --> VIDEO speculation about a debilitating condition. A comparison of Bush debate speeches from the recent debates and 10 years ago.
• --> Reuters article from October 6 on Bush POSTPONING HIS MEDICAL EXAM
• --> A DOCTORS NOTE on the subject.


• --> Some video of Bush's "wire" from the previous debate(s). THANKS!
• --> VIDEO 1
• --> VIDEO 2
• --> VIDEO 3... the "let me finish" scene.
• --> This is VIDEO of the alleged "wire", and some familiar bulges, excellent quality and in slow-motion. 35mb and a slow download, but worth it!
• --> More VIDEO of the first debate, the Bulge is at the end.
• --> 2nd DEBATE VIDEO showing the Bulge
• --> PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEO the "ghost voice" was recorded! This video is the subject of much debate. 17mb download
• -->
(a short, poor quality video from CNN but you can hear it clearly
• --> Another set of mystery bulge pics. HI-RES pics available from a gov't website, this bulge is on the lower back at waist level...
• --> 24 more photos of the Debate Bulge
• --> Another weird video... no ghost voice, but whoa... this is from last December, they're already talking about an earpiece here! • Bush acting crazy at a press conference, whats he doing? Earpiece prompting?
• --> discussion of above:


• --> Great content and spirited debate.
• --> THE CANNONFIRE SITE More awesome coverage,
• --> A great BULGE SITE! BUSHBULGE.COM Lots of photos and ways to contact the press!
• --> GREAT SITE ...nice image enhancements and evidence!
• --> Portland indymedia blog Ongoing Discussion and speculation.
NICE POSTS HERE politicalcommentator blog

Late Night & Comedy concerning THE BULGE:

• --> LATE NIGHT COMEDIANS The BULGE is definitely fodder for jokes!
• --> Letterman's Top Ten List pertaining to the Bulge.
• --> MSNBC STORY on Sen. John Edwards visit to The Late Show.


Blogger icone said...


NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate
Physicist says imaging techniques prove the president's bulge was not caused by wrinkled clothing.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Kevin Berger

Oct. 29, 2004  |  George W. Bush tried to laugh off the bulge. "I don't know what that is," he said on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday, referring to the infamous protrusion beneath his jacket during the presidential debates. "I'm embarrassed to say it's a poorly tailored shirt."

Dr. Robert M. Nelson, however, was not laughing. He knew the president was not telling the truth. And Nelson is neither conspiracy theorist nor midnight blogger. He's a senior research scientist for NASA and for Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and an international authority on image analysis. Currently he's engrossed in analyzing digital photos of Saturn's moon Titan, determining its shape, whether it contains craters or canyons.

For the past week, while at home, using his own computers, and off the clock at Caltech and NASA, Nelson has been analyzing images of the president's back during the debates. A professional physicist and photo analyst for more than 30 years, he speaks earnestly and thoughtfully about his subject. "I am willing to stake my scientific reputation to the statement that Bush was wearing something under his jacket during the debate," he says. "This is not about a bad suit. And there's no way the bulge can be described as a wrinkled shirt."
Nelson and a scientific colleague produced the photos from a videotape, recorded by the colleague, who has chosen to remain anonymous, of the first debate. The images provide the most vivid details yet of the bulge beneath the president's suit. Amateurs have certainly had their turn at examining the bulge, but no professional with a résumé as impressive as Nelson's has ventured into public with an informed opinion. In fact, no one to date has enhanced photos of Bush's jacket to this degree of precision, and revealed what appears to be some kind of mechanical device with a wire snaking up the president's shoulder toward his neck and down his back to his waist.

Nelson stresses that he's not certain what lies beneath the president's jacket. He offers, though, "that it could be some type of electronic device -- it's consistent with the appearance of an electronic device worn in that manner." The image of lines coursing up and down the president's back, Nelson adds, is "consistent with a wire or a tube."

Nelson used the computer software program Photoshop to enhance the texture in Bush's jacket. The process in no way alters the image but sharpens its edges and accents the creases and wrinkles. You've seen the process performed a hundred times on "CSI": pixelated images are magnified to reveal a clear definition of their shape.

Bruce Hapke, professor emeritus of planetary science in the department of geology and planetary science at the University of Pittsburgh, reviewed the Bush images employed by Nelson, whom he calls "a very highly respected scientist in his field." Hapke says Nelson's process of analyzing the images are the "exact same methods we use to analyze images taken by spacecraft of planetary surfaces. It does not introduce any artifacts into the picture in any way."

How can Nelson be certain there's some kind of mechanical device beneath Bush's jacket? It's all about light and shadows, he says. The angles at which the light in the studio hit Bush's jacket expose contours that fit no one's picture of human anatomy and wrinkled shirts. And Nelson compared the images to anatomy texts. He also experimented with wrinkling shirts in various configurations, wore them under his jacket under his bathroom light, and couldn't produce anything close to the Bush bulge.

In the enhanced photo of the first debate, Nelson says, look at the horizontal white line in middle of the president's back. You'll see a shadow. "That's telling me there's definitely a bulge," he says. "In fact, it's how we measure the depths of the craters on the moon or on Mars. We look at the angle of the light and the length of shadow they leave. In this case, that's clearly a crater that's under the horizontal line -- it's clearly a rim of a bulge protruding upward, one due to forces pushing it up from beneath."

Hapke, too, agrees that the bulge is neither anatomy nor a wrinkled shirt. "I would think it's very hard to avoid the conclusion that there's something underneath his jacket," he says. "It would certainly be consistent with some kind of radio receiver and a wire."

Nelson admits that he's a Democrat and plans to vote for John Kerry. But he takes umbrage at being accused of partisanship. "Everyone wants to think my colleague and I are just a bunch of dope-crazed ravaged Democrats who are looking to insult the president at the last minute," he says. "And that's not what this is about. This is scientific analysis. If the bulge were on Bill Clinton's back and he was lying about it, I'd have to say the same thing."

"Look, he says, "I'm putting myself at risk for exposing this. But this is too important. It's not about my reputation. If they force me into an early retirement, it'll be worth it if the public knows about this. It's outrageous statements that I read that the president is wearing nothing under there. There's clearly something there."

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