Sunday, October 17, 2004

Back to the BULGE


And the new BULGE ART GALLERY! CLICK HERE FOR BULGE ART ...just some humorous art submitted about The Bulge.

There was little new earth-shattering news arising about President Bush's BULGE arising in the media yesterday. It seems that the issue has been mentioned in many editorials and opinion pieces in papers over the weekend, and although the BULGE mystery is still a hot topic discussed in political forums on the internet, the issue is losing momentum. The BULGE is still receiving little coverage in the mainstream media. However, I am still receiving a lot of e-mail from people offering their own opinions, theories, support, criticism, and further evidence. I took the day off after an insane week of maintaining this BUSH WIRED blog, and had some much needed time to reflect on this issue.

I have decided to "stay the course" and continue to update this Blog, its been "hard work" but its also an important issue with some rather serious questions arising if you read between the lines. It seems to me that somewhere in all the rumor and speculation, there is still a serious story here.

Afterall, the evidence is rather clear, THERE IS A BULGE! I'm going continue to ask WHAT IS IT?

That's the simple question posed by this Blog almost two weeks ago. I have tried to keep this forum committed to this important question, and have tried hard not to have this site becaome a place for partisan political rants, or mean anti-Bush commentary. This Blog is simply a forum to post "evidence" and I encourage viewers to make up their own minds and continue to submit links, evidence, photos, and comments.

I have a big update to this site under way. For now, please visit the Bush Wired Gallery (link below) for photos, and scroll down the page for further information and links on this topic.

Thank you,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping up the "hard work" to get to the bottom of this rather perplexing situation. I'll keep my eyes out for anything coming my way. We WILL get to the bottom of this one way or the other.(one of these days)

10:31 AM  
Blogger Jon Garfunkel said...


To keep the story alive, you need to produce some more facts and evidence. These are the suggestions I posted to

Let's do a little bit of investigative journalism here: somebody in DC should pay a visit to Georges Du Paris at 14th Street and G, three blocks from the White House. Ask him how he feels now that his most famous client has left him.

Also, the Times ran an Op-Art earlier this week, asking a photographer to talk around NY and find mysterious bulges under the jackets of random New Yorkers.

So-- here's the obvious thing to do. Actually photograph models wearing a transmitter under a jacket. Find someone who's 6 feet tall and 190 pounds, and wears a 44 long jacket. (handsewn probably not necessary...) The wireless receivers should be easy to mockup; the portable defibrillator less so, but it could be done. Certainly the manufacturer must have some pictures of how these would look under an outfit.


5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a broken link. Please fix it or remove it
. It is linking to the NASA analysis piture.

The NEW!! --> BULGE SIGHTING TODAY MSNBC VIDEO The bulge is allegedly seen as Bush turns and walks away. Mac is not supported, I have not seen this.


2:30 PM  
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