Monday, November 01, 2004

NEW!!! BULGE NEWS: Mother Jones article -NEW PHOTO- and BUSH WIRED commentary!

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CURRENT NEWS!!! Nov. 7th-->
• NEW!! --> THE NEW YORK TIMES covers this story again, and proclaims that the tailor, Georges de Paris, is "off the hook" and not responsible for the pesky bulge. The above artricle also refutes the recent story by THE HILL that the bulge was simply a bulletproof vest, but makes no mention of the NASA analysis.
• NEW!! --> "Nothing was under his jacket,". This statement comes from none other than Karl Rove, in a new AP story.
• NEW!! --> Karl Rove shows his love for mocking the Bulge (from Newsweek).
RADIO INTERVIEW Dave Lindorff discusses the Media's coverage of the BULGE, including the killing of the story by the Washington Post, as well as the NY Times. Download the mp3, bulge topic starts at about 17:25.
BALTIMORE CHRONICLE covers the story.
• Yet another OFFICIAL explanation: FROM THE HILL ... from the same guys who brought us the wrinkle excuse.

• --> NASA photo analyst INTERVIEW Listen to part 2!!!
• --> ROVE mockes the "bulge" ...from the International Herald Tribune
• --> NY Times article ...on secrecy in the Bush Administration. Mentions the "bulge".
• --> a Fresh Story out of Australia, discussion of the Bulge (registration req'd).

• SEE THIS --> DAVE LINDORFF'S ARTICLE IN MOTHER JONES The evidence grows stronger and the questions remain unanswered. "'Nothing about the bulge is going to run here before the election.' -The Wall Street Journal." (story excerpt)! A MUST SEE! Another new Lindorff piece .
• SEE THIS --> NEW SALON.COM STORY NASA ANALYST says the bulge EXISTS. New photo enhancement. Story text is posted in the comments section HERE.
• NEW!! --> NEW 9/11 Bulge - Enhanced Photos in the Photo Gallery! Amazing!
• NEW!! --> NEW BULGE PHOTO!!! From White House Site! (also in photo gallery)
• --> SF CHRONICLE discusses BULGES and SPYWARE!
• --> Why the MEDIA WILL NOT COVER THE BULGE Interesting! From radio/transcript.
• --> LINK TO SPECS for the new receiver/earpiece photo go to the PHOTO GALLERY.
• --> THE WEBSITE for the above device.
• --> ASSOCIATED PRESS story on the recent DOONESBURY comic strip. Saturday's strip is causing controversy due to "profanity" and the Bulge subject.
• Doonesbury: Strip #1,... Strip #2, ... Strip #3 ... Strip #4 ... Strip #5 ... Strip #6 The controversial one!
• --> NEW STORY on today's admission by the Bush campaign that they have doctored a photo and used it in an TV ad. It speaks volumes as to how far the Bush campaign will go to stretch the truth. and change facts. Think: Wrinkle or Bad Tailoring?
• --> CONSERVATIVE WEBSITE comments on Bulge. Its not new, I just missed it previously.

I have had several requests for my comments and opinion on THE BULGE over the last weeks. Generally, I have left my opinions off of this page. As the election draws near, I have decided to put my two-cents worth into the debate:

What is THE BULGE? Who CARES? These are the questions that I have been asked repeatedly over the last 3 weeks. The answer to the questions are simple.. WE DON'T KNOW, and, MILLIONS CARE!

A larger and more complicated question is WHY DO WE CARE?

Personally, I care because the BULGE is a strange and odd story without any real answers. I also care because the speculation and theories about the source of the Bulge relate to some very serious issues.

WHAT WE KNOW: We know that the BULGE EXISTS, conclusively. We know that the BULGE was not a bulletproof vest (the White House denied that he was wearing one SEVERAL TIMES). We know that millions have seen this BULGE as it was apparent in all three Presidential debates, AND, after Bush's 9/11 Commission testimony. We know that the "official" explanations offered by the White House and the Bush/Cheney campaign are utterly ridiculous.

The "official" statements have ranged from the simple answer that the BULGE does not exist, to a BADLY TAILORED JACKET!., a BADLY TAILORED SHIRT, and even that the President is an ALIEN! It seems to me that the Bush/Cheney campaign would love to dispose of this "thorn in their side" and spend their time talking about campaign issues instead of repeatedly answering questions on an "internet rumor". If they would make a simple, believable, factual statement it seems to me that this issue may simply fade away. The fact that they won't make that type of simple statement causes concern to many, and actually is what fuels this debate.

The main and most accepted theory on the BULGE is that it is a wireless receiver of some sort. This is wholly speculation, but there has been a lot of supporting "evidence" brought forward to bolster this theory. The recent photo analysis by a NASA ANALYST has done a lot to convince people that there is SOMETHING under the jacket. The President's speech patterns, odd pauses, stammering, and blurting out of seemingly unrelated phrases lends credence to the theory that he was "coached" during the debates and in some press conferences. Coaching or prompting during the debates or in 9/11 Commission testimony is a very serious matter, and potentially illegal. Technically speaking, this theory holds water. There are numerous devices ( DEVICE #1 , DEVICE #2 ) that could have been used for "prompting" that also match the size, shape, and contour of the BULGE.

Another theory on the source of the BULGE is that it is a medical device of some sort, specifically, a wearable defibrillator called a "Life Vest" . The "evidence" on the medical theory is spotty at best, but also has some decent circumstantial "proof" . If the President was hiding some sort of secret medical condition, the American people deserve to know before this important election. President Bush's refusal to take his annual medical exam this fall has also fueled this theory.

In fairness, I wish to discuss a third theory, that the BULGE is a device used by the Secret Service. This theory is also entirely plausible, although it has rarely been thoroughly debated online. Reports state that the Secret Service requires the President to be "wired" with a tracking device or a receiver of some sort. For the record, and by policy, the Secret Service will not discuss anything regarding the President's security. However, it seems odd that the Bush/Cheney campaign has NOT stated that the BULGE is simply some sort of Presidential security device. Details would not need to be made public. Again, this would do a lot to dispel the rumors, and allow them to spend their time on campaign issues.

As I have commented previously, the BULGE "phenomenon" also brings to light some important issues concerning the media, and the way the internet has influenced politics during this election. When there is no concrete evidence of cheating, should the media cover this issue? Should it investigate? When does a story itself become news ?

Many media outlets have refused to thoroughly discuss the BULGE issue, but have instead covered the story of the rumor, and not the questions raised. The bulge has been covered both humorously and seriously in the "major" media (CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the BBC among others), but always without further investigation. Some journalists have stated that the BULGE issue is the type of story that is very incendiary... that is, that the BULGE brings out strong negative feelings among readers/viewers that are harmful to the President, without concrete evidence, full coverage of this story would be unfair and careless. Several polls tend to back this up: an unscientific CNN poll showed that 88% of respondents thought that the BULGE was an electronic device. A scientific POLL by The Economist showed that 49% of the people who saw the BULGE image thought it was a wireless receiver.

My opinion is that this simply shows that many Americans don't trust the President, or his administration, perhaps for good reason. People seem quite ready to believe that the President and his administration would simply lie to the public and cheat during a debate. This is an important topic for sure, and honestly, it doesn't make me feel good. The Weapons of Mass Destruction evidence/arguments which brought us to the Iraq War are the most likely cause for this underlying distrust.

What about media bias and the political "blogging" on the internet? Obviously the media is, and always has been biased in many ways. From the media's self-censorship in the 50's, to the current "managed" coverage of the Iraq War by embedded reporters, the our modern media shows bias to certain ideas, and to our society. What is relatively new is the numerous networks and newspapers that offer opinions and coverage of news that fits their agenda, politically or otherwise. FOX News, CBS, and the New York Times have all been accused of deliberate bias, among others. I can't argue with that, it seems quite obvious. What remains is the need for people to get the facts as they exist, without the "spin". Enter the internet, an immense uncontrolled of forum for any kind of diverse idea imaginable. Easily searchable, the internet allows any user to "home-in" on specific terms, news, ideas, and websites from a multitude of sources and opinions. A truly "fair and balanced" news source. Users simply decide what they want, or don't want to see... and find out more.

More importantly, the internet also allows individuals or organizations instant and free exposure to the world and millions of potential viewers, BUSH WIRED being a prime example. Despite Orwellian arguments to the contrary, free speech is alive and well in America. Perhaps not on Fox News, but the internet-enabled now possess clear and powerful access to ALL ideas. No longer are we subject to news coming from a few tightly controlled sources. We need to acknowledge this fact, protect it closely, keep an open mind, and always take any idea with a grain of salt.

Blogs have allowed just about anyone to create an open forum for the exchange of ideas, usually for free. During this years' ugly election landscape, blogs have emerged as a new and important venue for debate and fact-checking, often doing the job previously left to the mainstream press. The recent exposure of CBS's forged documents (Rathergate) came form blogs, as was the "instant" revelation that Dick Cheney and Sen. Edwards had indeed met previously (despite Cheney's debate claims to the contrary). A few reporters covering an issue simply cannot beat fact-checking by millions of concerned people. In essence, the internet allows us to act as a single computer, with millions of independent processors.

This brings us back to the BULGE. The BULGE controversy began on the internet, and despite a few "leaks" into the mainstream press it remains largely an internet phenomenon. I feel this story is a very important one and needs to be discussed and investigated by the media. There is enough supporting (though circumstantial) evidence to warrant a closer look by the "major" media. The BULGE is real and very apparent, questions need to be answered, especially before the election. As long as the "official" responses to this BULGE are ludicrous and utterly ridiculous, this will remain a serious topic for debate.

I never knew a digital soapbox would allow me to speak so loudly.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

very clean and succinct...nice to hear your input...for all the volume your voice may have, is it enough to be heard least in time for voters to get to decide what they think of bush's, foible.

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought that the device Bush used in debate 1 (ipod size bulge)
was probably replaced because it didnt work, or didn't work well. The
shape in debate 2 and 3 seem different but consistent with each other.
Bush did better in debates 2 & 3, while he slipped a few times,
neither debate was as ugly of a scene as debate 1.

Why I think its a wire (secret service OR cheating device):

- Its the most plausible theory in my opinion.
- The story named source mentioned the wire, and coaching
being used in the past
- Another (unnamed) source says the same in another article
- The ex-interpreter says the same
- I've had 2 very good but anonymous "tips" stating that its a wire,
details were provided but they matched what we already know.
- I have word from a CONFIRMED retired Gov't agent stating that a
wireless device is often used for ambassadorial security. This source
did the security.
- The secret service system already in-place could easily have been
used for coaching during debates and testimony. (see debate rules for
the location of the coaching)
- The technology exists and is available, also in the private sector
- The strange speech patterns and eye movements by Bush support coaching
- Bush can't read a teleprompter well. Instances of long, elaborate
speeches being memorized in situations not requiring memorization are
- Coaching has been heard in situations OTHER than the disputed Chirac
- Several journalists have said (some to me personally) that it has
been widely speculated that Bush wears a wire for quite some time.
Reuters reporter says the same, mentons State of Union address
- I think the receiver is not the bulge, the encryption/antenna is.
These are thin and relatively flat and are designed to lay on the back.
The receiver is at belt level and a magnetic induction loop wire
travels up the back and near the earpiece. It needs to be somewhat
close to the earpiece.
-Last, ever take a good look at the secret service earpieces? They
are not wireless, but they ALWAYS wire down the back, not down the

The medical theory is a good one as well, it has some compelling
evidence. The physical, family med. history, slurred speech & past
speaking performance, fainting, pretzel, and bike crash, plus the

I think that Kerry, Clinton or the DNC would have made something more
of this if it wasn't a secret service wire. The bulge is too
undeniable for me to believe that it wasn't looked into, or known
about. If this was a medical issue they would be all over it, like
Cheney last time. They are not making a fuss over this because they've
been told its a security thing.

The question remains... I think a wire exists, but how was it used?
Thats the smoking gun.

Just my opinion, nuff said. what a rant.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better than pill-gate...

Yes... the sportsman crowd is jealous of the bulge-style coverage and started their own blog on a previously unheard of KERRY rumor... yes its GUN-GATE.

well at least they are sticking to something they know about. Huntin' dogs n' guns.

Dont bother to read the dribble... the pictures say it all. Actually the dribble is pretty good.

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nicely written... i'm convinced

3:52 AM  
Blogger Political Commentator said...

BULGEE UPDATE - 2 stories in the air BUT linked

The "Bulgegate" news story has gotten a lot of attention, largely being suppored by the suspicion President Bush was wired in the debates. To support this theory, we have a wire under his tie, strange speech patterns, a bulge on his back, and most importantly: past evidence of earpiece use.

I am still convinced of the merits of the "wired" argument. In my opinion Bush is clearly wired.

I suggest that he could be "wired" and also have a health problem. The more evidence I see, the more I indeed start to suspect two motives at work here. What we have here folks, I think, is a wire and a bulge and they may not know very much about eachother. I am going to publish another photo soon to clearly demonstrating that if the Bulge on Bush's back was a communications device, it was huge. I am also going to make some rough calculations on its size and publish that.

Nobody involved thinks what is happening is only a health related issue, me included.

So the article above is to articulte the idea both options are still on the table. Bush could actually be both "wired" and have had a medical device on. This sort of device is necessary in hi stress situations, which could explain why it was always there.

I wanted to restate the defibrillator case so the conversation was not 100% prompter related.... I think its very important to keep all options alive as long as there is compelling evidence to support it. That increases the chances of important information coming forward.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Read the article

5:52 AM  
Blogger theresa said...

I have tried to post a comment on the "Dark Side" story, but it will not take me there. I am getting discouraged at this point. I don't need to see a bulge or a wire to know that this president has been receiving responses through some sort of device. I watch all the video feeds, everything, and he cannot say more than 3-5 words without a pause......waiting for the next line. I am discouraged about the media "they" say is liberal. Where are the Jack Andersons? Isn't someone willing to risk it all for the truth? I still believe Anita, and I would believe any hero that may come forward. I am scared politically for the first time in my life. This administration is frightening. There must be some insider, some John Dean, that would reveal all. I am fearful every time this administration invokes God's name, shame on them. I am fearful for our troops, I am shamed at the loss of life in Iraq, all the soldiers, and the 100,000 Iraqi civilians who have died. Nothing sticks to this administration, even more so than Reagan. I will be doing a lot of praying in the next 3 days.

12:51 AM  
Blogger EasyRider said...

Last week I asked John Dean to help our cause. He did make a comment on it. He also, like me, called it worst than Watergate.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Credibility. It's what every journalist strives for, and it's what every reader should demand from their news and news sources.

I think this is why the media is dragging their feet on this issue. As "sure" as we may be about this, the fact is that the only thing close to being "provable" is that there was something beneath Bush's jacket. All the stuff about Bush's strange pauses, etc., really do not prove much. It does diminish the credibility of the story, though, and that of all internet bloggers.

Any journalist that puts out this story risks their credibility. The only safe thing for them to do is to "cover the coverage" (read this article: If their article seems to accuse Bush of cheating, they'd better have some solid proof.

This whole thing smells like a Karl Rove Trap. Bush may well have been wired in debate #1, but probably wasn't after that. Rove seems to have made sure the bulge was even more obvious for the other debates, though, and has been purposely dodging a credible explanation, in order to stoke the rumor mill. All the Indy Media / "Brad Menfil" stuff smells fishy.

If he gets a journalist to take his bait, he'll probably then produce a realistic, innocent explanation for the bulge (that couldn't be revealed earlier for national security reasons, naturally). In the end, the journalist loses their reputation, the media looks even more liberally-biased, the internet bloggers are made to look like fools, and Bush is made to look like an innocent victim of a vast left-wing conspiracy.

Can you blame the media for staying away? Rove is a very smart man. Machiavellan, but smart. He's too smart to let Bush get caught cheating, and has had plenty of time to create a plausible, legitimate cover story to explain the bulge. He's just hoping to bring down a few opponents in the process.

Perhaps it's the media (and internet bloggers) who are really having their puppet strings pulled.

2:45 PM  
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