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Blogtober Surprise? BREAKING NEWS!!! Big update!


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Its been another day chock-full of further BULGE speculation as theories and "evidence" continues to snowball. The two main theories on THE BULGE as of this writing seem to be A WIRE and a MEDICAL DEVICE.

First, I'm covering news on the WIRE theory as there now seems to be FACTS about the matter arising, and PEOPLE COMING FORWARD to substantiate the use of a WIRE by the President:

AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and in-depth look at the BULGE topic as a whole, again from the folks who originally broke this story to the mainstream press. Its absolutely worth watching an ad and receiving a free day-pass to their site. I'll include a few snippets below, but its a rather lengthy article and I suggest reading it at SALON.

Topics include:
The ACTUAL possibility of a coaching device, complete with quotes from an expert who has worked for Presidential Cabinets, and has first hand knowledge of the use of wireless prompting systems within the White House! He also states that he has "archived" audio of prompting being used by Presidential staffers actually prompting President Bush! There is also brief discussion of the BULGE issue from bloggers (including myself). Other knowledgeable people opine and many issues are brought forward. Other topics mentioned including the emerging medical theory (briefly).

Brief snippets:

"I've done a tremendous amount of work for presidential Cabinets," Atkinson says. "I've worked for Cabinet members, plus staff and advisors ... in the [George H.W.] Bush administration, and in both terms of the Clinton administration." ...

"I have found wireless mike signals transmitted during [White House] press briefings, with multiple subject advisors. You'll hear the speaker, and another voice will cut in, like 'It's 28 million' -- and the speaker will repeat, 'It's 28 million.' The speaker will institute certain delays or will ask the question again, and will receive a prompt."

"I heard it. In Boston I was working a project several blocks away from where the president was speaking. It's archived."

The MEDICAL theory:

*(note)* As I have previously posted, I have had some reservations about adding discussion of unsubstantiated claims of Bush's health problems. I feel that a person's health is a private issue. However, as the topic grows, and because this issue involves the President, and perhaps, his ability to lead this country in the future, I have decided to include some NEWS. Further, this topic has already been published in the press. Personally, I don't wholly believe it, but there are some compelling arguments floating around the net... and of course, some very questionable ones too (he has faltering mental abilities due to past substance abuse, similar to Ozzy Osbourne).

The BULGE could be a medical device. There are rumors that the President had a MILD STROKE, suffers from BELLS PALSY, a mild dementia, or even had too much BOTOX. His condition allegedly varies from day to day and this was observed in his face (droopy, uneven, with spittle on his mouth, and jaw grinding) during debate 3 and also with the somewhat confused stammering seen regularly by the President when he speaks. The alleged stroke is theorized to have been covered up by the report of Bush fainting and choking on a pretzel (remember?). His speech and coordination are said to have been affected, and this was the reason for Bush's bicycle accident and falling.

As always, you be the judge, here are some links to follow:

NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE article on the speculation of Bush's health floating around blogs everywhere.


VIDEO speculation about a debilitating condition. A comparison of Bush debate speeches from the recent debates and 10 years ago. (links to the site)

A DOCTORS NOTE on the subject.

Reuters article from October 6 on Bush POSTPONING HIS MEDICAL EXAM

For the record, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Bush's doctors "felt it was perfectly fine to do it later this year... The president is a very active person. He's in great health."

From another blog:
"From a Botox Web site:
The most common side effects of injections around the eyes and in the face include temporary bruising, eyelid drooping, dry eyes, and double vision, and facial droop can occur with injections into the cheek.
(Results: heavier makeup, droopy face, dry blinky eyes??? But would it last more than one debate?)"

And some other news mentioning THE BULGE:
Mean Politics

An interesting new article on the WIRED/Earpiece subject.

Another new article on the BULGE

BULGE RESOURCES (last update 10/13)
Portland indymedia blog

STAY TUNED!!! MORE UPDATES ON THE WAY!!! Send me links to your BULGE blog or site!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm troubled by the emerging premise that Bush EITHER has a medical problem that requires a portable device of some kind, OR whether he was wearing a wireless prompter. I think that the photographic and written documentation gathered thus far lead to the clear possibility that BOTH are true.
If Bush is experiencing a decline in cognitive functioning because of a medical condition, wouldn't Rove & Co. want to compensate for what could be a devestating political liability? The fact that this would be considered cheating, or that such a condition would inevitably be exposed, leaving the US in an even more vulnerable position worldwide, is completely irrelvant to the puppeteers behind the President.

At this point, I don't know whether I have more comtempt for the White House handlers who hold the Bush bubble firmly in place, or the Mainstream media who refuse to investigate. Isn't this question worth even a fraction of the attention that other "stories" have received? I'm convinced that if Kerry suddenly grew a bulge on his back, we would hear of nothing else until the question was answered.

I mean, if Bush or ANY President is unable to carry out the duties of the office, don't the People deserve to know who they are really electing? Are the press really THAT afraid of this administration?

I'm posting anonymously because the FBI is apparently more interested in monitoring the Internet than in finding out who's really running the Free World.

7:31 AM  
Blogger icone said...

Your comment is well taken... yes the Bulge could very well be a prompting device that is NECESSARY because of a medical condition. Again, nobody knows for sure if it is a prompting device, but the new Salon story definitely gives the theory a solid foundation.

I'm waiting to see what the guy's ARCHIVED AUDIO will show.


7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the guy mentioned in the article is allowed to show his audio archives. One simple reason could be these archives are protected by a confidentiality agreement.

However, the article reveals one interesting insight. That is, audio prompt signals used by politicians could be picked up by a spectrum analyzer.

After following the discussions for the last few days, I've come to a conclusion that the assumption about the mainstream media serving the public interest could not be more WRONG. Since the last presidential election, the system of check and balance for the government hasn't fully worked. We don't have any check and balance for the mainstream media either. The opposition is also silent. I don't know if it is still true to characterize America as the leader of the free world anymore. At this moment, Americans are as helpless as the people in any other non-democratic country.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Bush has carotid artery stenosis. My father has this condition and Bush's symptoms seem to fit this condition.

Perhaps someone could get a qualified physician's assessment of this possibility. (I'm not a doctor.)


9:18 AM  

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