Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debate 3 BULGE Update

The evergrowing BULGE GALLERY

As people continue to scratch their heads about the BULGE and its surprising reemergence in last night's debate 3, new theories and speculation as to what THE BULGE was continue to circle the globe on the "internets".

Personally, I am a bit confused about last night's BULGE. If it was a wire, one would have thought that the BUSH/Cheney team would have done something to hide the BULGE after the brouhaha created by the previous sightings. Maybe not, they can be stubborn at times. All I can say is that the new theories are getting crazier by the minute.

New BLOGS and sites devoted to BULGE speculation are popping up everywhere. I want to thank everyone for their submissions, as the day goes on I will be posting some more links. I've received several submissions of BULGE ARTWORK, I'm thinking of starting a separate BULGE ART gallery, so, send 'em if you got 'em!

Submissions to:

For now check out these links:

A wonderful site of POLITICAL CARTOONS relating to the debate, some great BULGE 'toons included. Thanks for the submission!

Another Bulge story from the Washington Post.

This KNOXVILLE TIMES article comments on the BULGE HOAX as reported on This was (is) a really strange story, I stayed away from speculation on this topic here at BUSH WIRED. It was just TOO weird, and I thought I smelled something rotten...

And last, some more video of Bush's wire from the previous debate(s). THANKS!
VIDEO 3... the "let me finish" scene.



Blogger icone said...

I'm still receiving comments about the Bush/Chirac video, this topic seems to be coming up again. If anyone has IINDEPENDENT CONFIRMATION of this, or to the other reported instances of "ghost coaching" either taped or witnessed, SPEAK UP!

The video plus current updates, other video and links can be found at

I'm writing because I hear something different on the Bush/Chirac Q&A (at least the version at the White House's website) than your poster does.

The question becomes: Is there some other version out there that matches what your poster heard?  In which case the one at the White House site would be doctored?  (I'm pretty sure of what I heard.)

Can you make sure this gets to the person too?  I can't figure out how to post comments on there.

Thanks a ton!
Yes the Bush/Chirac video is an interesting one... I'm not entirely convinced either, however, I actually watched that conference and it did happen. What is was, who knows? I do know this... it was on several networks, both live and taped. Chirac seems to notice something odd (but thats speculation), I have had correspondence with some people overseas who also heard the "ghost voice".

I have spoken to several reporters about this video who have also been wondering about this... I have encouraged them to try to get the tape analyzed from the source. no word back as yet. They tend to lean toward the theory of an audio problem, and apparently it was a pool video... so everyone has the same thing here in the US.

What we need is independent and verifiable confirmation of the "voice" from a different feed, perhaps from Europe. I have yet to see anything.

There are also several reports of this happening at other Bush conferences where it was witnessed both live and on television. I have been looking into this as well its hard to research these things without all the info.

- I'll try to get your comments posted


3:49 PM  
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