Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Interesting Story

The news has died off a bit, but theres still some great stuff being sent in... here's an interesting piece piece from THE REGISTER

THE BULGE has been a hot topic on late-night TV.

"GUESS THE BULGE" was featured on David Letterman tonight... it wasn't a receiver, just a T-Bone steak. But the bulge was right-on... Maybe Bush was just trying to thaw out some meat for a post debate BBQ!

Jay Leno had John Edwards on the Tonight Show... they speculated on the bulge for a moment. Edwards said it was Bush's Battery-pack. HA! MSNBC did a story on the exchange HERE

Thanks for the submissions!

Bad news... apparently http://www.mysterybulge.com/ won't be updated for a while due to computer problems. Great site, lets hope that it gets up and running soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out Bush's pauses (where he looks down) in the video clips here from questions numbers 5, 7 and 8:


It's especially obvious on #5.

And I'm obviously no linguist, but some of his speech errors seem to give it away, like in #5:

"Um... My administration started what's called the proliferation security initiative. (ss sss) Over sixty nations involved with ... disrupting... uh... the trans-shipment of information and/or ... uh, weapons-of-mass-distruction- materials. And we'reff been effective." (He was hearing "sixty" right after saying "initiative" and involuntarily made the "s" sound in preparation for saying it.

Same goes with the "we're". He was hearing "effective" at the time and it came out as "weref".

Probably the earpiece said "we've been effective", but for Bush it came out as "we'reff been effective" because he started with the we're.

Furthermore, who says "and/or" in that way without knowing what is going to follow? He obviously didn't know what he was going to say after the "and/or" given the long pause and the "uh", yet then "weapons of mass destruction materials" just rolls off his tongue.)

"We... uh... convinced Libya to disarm. It'sassential part of... dealing with weapons of mass destruction and proliferation." (He wanted to say "It's an essential part..." but he was hearing the first part of "essential" when he was saying "it's" and it came out as one word with no "an".)

"I'll tell you another way to protect America in the long rumis... the long run is to continue with missle defenses." (He was hearing "missle" when he was trying to say "run is".)

In #7:

"...it is less likely'll ever have to use troops." (The "we" is left out as the "y" at the end of "likely" merges with the "e" in "we" that he just heard.)

"... and if he'd have been in power. In-noth if we had said, let's let..." (I think the beginning of that was supposed to be "In other words, if..." but he was hearing the "if" with the "in" and it screwed him up.)

"We would warue the day if Saddam Hussein had been in power." (I just thought that sounded funny coming out of Bush!) :-)

"... I think by fi- acting firmly and decisively it'll main less likely... it's less likely we'll use... less likely we'll have to use force." (Almost said "firmly" too soon. Then probably heard "it will make it less likely we'll have to use force", but the it's got confused and he ended up not being able to fit the "make" in.)

He also has prosody problems.

"I was hopeful diplomacy would work in Iraq ... it was falling apart..." (Notice the rising tone on Iraq. Try saying it this way yourself.)

"But by speaking clearly and sending messages that we mean what we say, we've effected the world in a positive way. Look at Libya." (Absolutely no "end-of-sentence" prosody at the word "way".)

Or even the last thing he says in number 8: "I hope we can do it and we've got a good strategy..." (Again, the weird rising tone at the end of the sentence.)

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