Tuesday, October 12, 2004

News, Video, and more links!!!

OK a brief update...

on the CNN site! GO VOTE! current results:

88% an electronic device
6% a bulletproof vest
2% bad tailoring
3% left-wing conspiracy
(10,614 voters)

Nothing new that is spectacular. Not much in the US press still, but the story is still being run here and there. I've seen the story migrate from Europe into Africa, India, China and other places. Most of the stories are brief and from previous wire reporting.

Light discussion of the earpiece, and weird rumors on Hardball with Chris Matthews... they said something like, "If he did have an earpiece and received coaching they did a damn poor job of it!"

A good article.

Some more VIDEO:

This is VIDEO of the alleged "wire", and some familiar bulges, excellent quality and in slow-motion. 35mb and a slow download, but worth it!

More VIDEO of the first debate, the Bulge is at the end.

PHOTOS at the usual BUSH WIRED PHOTO GALLERY. Keep sending them my way, I update whenever I get new ones!

This link was sent to me and has the alleged UGANDA EARPIECE... direct from the State Department! Not too convincing... but hey... make up your own mind! We're FAIR and BALANCED!

And finally, other great places to keep updated:

Great Blog site!!

News, Views, and lively discussion!

A great site... waiting for an update!

Don't forget to check the posts below for good stories, links, and video!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry about the slow download, trying to balance it out a little bit.

Between the two videos already over a thousand downloaded(that does include attempted, but maybe not completed downloads though) as links to them are also posted by me on dailykos and isbushwired and several random postings by others on some forums, most notably community.democrats.com.

Hopefully we will see some more major media scrutiny of this sometime soon. I think there is no doubt that there is something besides a shirt on the President underneath his jacket in both debates and the Bush people have said that there wasn't, so some media with the weight needs to get down to it and demand to know.

8:22 PM  
Blogger icone said...

Yeah, thanks for the link to the video... I saved a copy for my "personal archives"... perhaps someone cool will download it and be willing to host the video on their site. Damn, 1000 downloads of that 35mb vid, eh?

Cheers and keep it up!

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well the other one is only 10M and my stats will count incomplete d/ls. My bandwidth so far since past 24 hours(basically time since putting them up) is 4610.81 Meg! I have a few other little things on this server, but they only account for about 1 Gig/month

PS Love the CNN poll! Maybe CNN will do a story now :)

9:11 PM  
Blogger Random said...

I just saw this interesting writeup about Wired Bush on The Register


10:35 PM  
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