Monday, November 08, 2004

NEW!!! Twists and turns in the BULGE story... it gets stranger every day!

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This story is schizophrenic. Now, according to Karl Rove, the Bulge is NOTHING. We're back to square-one! So, after all the other official explanations ranging from a fabric "pucker", to a device for communicating with aliens... after an esteemed expert photo analyst says that indeed, IT IS something, Mr. Rove has now decided that the Bulge is nothing! Well, I guess I can forget all the pictures I've seen because my eyes have been playing tricks on me!

Wait! Just the other day I read in THE HILL that the bulge was a bulletproof vest! Sounded like a possible, but fishy explanation, but again, The White House sticks to its story that the Bulge WAS NOT a bulletproof vest.

So, no answer today folks... keep holding your breath! Remember that this story has its roots in allegations of cheating during the debates, and possible "coached testimony by Bush at the 9/11 Commission hearings. Read down this site for more info.

Now that we've done a complete 360 on this story... when will the media begin to ask the REAL questions? Isn't somebody questioning the all the fishy explanations and official backpeddaling? If the BULGE is truly nothing... then what's been going on for the last month?

• NEW!! --> THE NEW YORK TIMES covers this story again, and proclaims that the tailor, Georges de Paris, is "off the hook" and not responsible for the pesky bulge. It was nice that the hapless tailor tried to take the fall, but his theory didn't hold water. Mr. de Paris is "devastated" by all the fuss. The above artricle also refutes the recent story by THE HILL that the bulge was simply a bulletproof vest, but makes no mention of the NASA analysis.
• NEW!! --> "Nothing was under his jacket,". This statement comes from none other than Karl Rove, in a new AP story.
• NEW!! --> Karl Rove shows his love for mocking the Bulge (from Newsweek).
• NEW!! --> Elisabeth Bumiller's story in the International Herald Tribune
• NEW!! --> Dan Froomkin's BULGE WATCH Section in the White House Briefing column (Washington Post). Discusses recent bulge news (all the way at the bottom).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're sure to get some serious answers now that Elisabeth Bumiller is on the case, winner of the Chihuahua award for "going after the ankles of a story":

In all fairness, Bumiller's article isn't quite laughing the bulge off as a non-story--but all in all it belongs in People, not in "the paper of record".

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys need to be looking in the right places. You won't find an answer to your questions by reading news or assaulting the media non-coverage. My advice as a journalist is to dig deep for facts and don't argue conjecture. I would look closely at the White House's Office of Strategeic Initiatives and Karl Rove, and his staff, including a person named Barry Jackson.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading the above article and others, I have some comments from the other side.
The registered party ratio may have been different from actual results because: 1. The ratios come from the way people voted in the primaries. My actual voter registration doesn't show any reference to parties. Just because someone picks a party's ballot, doesn't mean they have to vote for that party in all races. 2. There are many voters, including myself, that do not always vote in the primaries, but do vote in the general elections; maybe 30 to 50% of voters.
I would think that the computers used in the elections would be a lot more secure than the average Windows PC. They probably used firewalls, encryption, password protected files/drives, and kept in secure areas where only the supervisors and top officials had access. It would not be as easy to hack as depicted in that article.
Then the story about the exit polls and the use of paper ballots. The exit polls aren't as accurate as some of you think. I watched part of 4 different networks. All of which showed different exit poll results. ABC and NBC mostly favored Kerry until about 3/4 way through the night, while CBS and CNN mostly favored Bush most of the night. The writer mentioned "spoilage" which would favor Kerry. Does that mean Democrats are the only ones who have problems voting? Doesn't make sense to me.

Seems to me that the Democrats are still trying to discredit President Bush and steal an honest election.
You all would try anything. IT'S OVER.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:50 PM  
Blogger Political Commentator said...

Nice to see the NYTimes actually followed thru with their promise, but it seems more to heal the broken ego of a wealthy tailor than to get the truth on display.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New article by Dave Lindorff:

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

















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