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NY TIMES kills BULGE story!

A reliable tip to Bush Wired has confirmed that the New York Times killed a big story on the BULGE that was set to run last Thursday. Word has it that there are some very upset writers who want to know WHY? Where is the pressure coming from?
Bill Keller, executive editor of the Times goes on record about breaking pre-election news and contradicts the decision by the Times. Write the Times and ask why they would kill this important story! (See Take Action below.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the truth is non-partisan, I'm very disappointed about the attitude of the mainstream US media. They should be concerned about getting the truth out, as George Bush and the White House very obviously produced lies about the bulge under his jacket. That man is such a pathological liar. He jumps to conclusions without any repsect for the facts. He is just out of touch with reality thanks to Karl Rove!
Under this presidency and the pressure of the 9/11 events the US mainstream media have behaved very cowardly and not patriotic at all, cause the best case for being proud of your country will be to have a president and media that tell you the truth.

May be the good news is there at the end of this Election Day! Go to http://www.electoral-vote.com
But I don't envy John Kerry at all, when having to clean up all the mess George Bush and his Adminstration have created the last four years. It will be very hard, hard work!

Best wishes from The Netherlands on Election Day. Please, give us back the America we loved.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Political Commentator said...

This keeps the hope alive that eventually we will at least get to the truth.

Is a sad comment. The paper is again worried about the liberal-bias label.

1:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will find out what it was. Eventually. The reasoning behind both Kerry and the Press holding back on the revelation will be interesting to see indeed. I wonder how many Bush supporters will regret their vote, and how many apologies from the Press it will take to gain back our confidence... and how many Republican pundits will continue to support him after repeatedly lying to the American public.

MarkFilm the Vote!

5:59 AM  
Blogger STOP_George said...

I'll leave you all (before the election results) with a bit of comic relief. I've been posting all week on the Howard Stern Bulletin Board. Most of the response has been "Who Cares?", but interestingly, there are more people wondering about it now -- especially since the latest Nov. 1 bulge. Anyway, here's a story I created on one of the threads to emphasize how ridiculous the media has been on this issue.


HOWARD STERN BULLETIN BOARD THREAD #188247 -- Rip in President's jacket reveals the truth about the bulge!!! posted by STOP_George

Post 1:

While embracing a campaign organizer in a stump speech, video footage from a local broadcaster showed a large rip on the back of the President's suit jacket -- exposing what appears to be a medical device of some kind.

When asked what this device was, the President laughed and said, "It must of been one of those Pictureshop touch-ups again." When asking a follow-up question, a reporter informed the President that the object was clearly seen on videotape. The President looked at the reporter in a serious gaze and said, "O.K., you want the truth? I am C3PO. You know, in Battlestar Gattalica (sic)?

There was no comment from the Kerry campaign spokesperson.


Post 2:

The President's tailor was questioned and had another reporter wear a jacket similar to what the president was wearing today. As the reporter crossed his arms, George de Paris pointed to the back of the jacket and said, "You can see clearly that the rip was merely what we call an "extreme" wrinkle. A wrinkle which, when the microfibres of this unusually expensive jacket begin to fold, create a static charge that appears like tiny little LED lights flashing on and off." He continued, "I can't simulate that here." he said, "The air is too moist to create enough of a static charge."


Post 3:

There was no comment from the Kerry campaign spokesperson.


Post 4:

The internet is abuzz about wild conspiracy theories that the President might be a cyborg from the 23rd century, here to actually help Bin Laden take over the world. (The other theory is about a portable defibrillator device.) How silly is that cyborg theory though, huh? Man you get it all on the internet, don't you. Bob Scheiifer called it, "The watercooler of our age."

Now, back to our SERIOUS discussion:

Kerry Campaign spokesperson: I'm right -- you're wrong!
Bush Campaign spokesman: No, I'm right and YOU'RE wrong!
Kerry Campaign spokesperson: No, no, no! I'm right and YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY wrong!
Bush Campaign spokesman: F--- You! I'm always right!

Post 5:

Let's look at today's polls:

Kerry = 47%
Bush = 47%

Wow! Can't get much closer than that, can you?!! This is truly a nation divided! Have you seen a nation more divided than this? Neck and neck. Down to the wire. No campaign team is giving an inch! It's even debatable which side will gain advantage to this latest Bin Laden tape that's come out.

We now take you to a speech that the President is giving to reporters about that Bin Laden tape:
Uhh........it appears that they're not ready yet. Looks like they're adjusting the president's jacket a bit. I think it's twisted a tad. Gotta look 100% presentable these days, am I not correct? Image is everything.


Post 6 (from another poster):

It was one of those jumbo packs of Doublemint gum.


Post 7:

C.G.: Mr. President: I've gotta ask you. What is it? Are you a cyborg from the 23rd century?
G.W.B.: Actually, the 24th century.
C.G.: You're getting into trouble, sir!
G.W.B.: What can I say? I'm embarrassed to say that it's a jumbo pack of Doublemint gum.


Post 8:

There was no comment from the Kerry campaign spokesperson.


Post 9 (from another poster):

Check you pants for a bulge. If there isnt one you got problems


Post 10:

A NASA scientist has risked his career by entering this wild and crazy internet buzz that seems to be growing. The buzz is that there may be some kind of medical device on the president's back or the President might be a cyborg from the 23rd century, here to actually help Bin Laden take over the world.

The NASA imaging analyst has said, quote, "My God! It's a portable I/V unit!! Anyone with 2 eyes can see it!!! What do you need me for?!!"

He continued, "Why don't you check the bulge in your pants. If there isn't one, you got problems."


Post 11 (from the same poster in 9):

Exactly! Who gives a shit.


Post 12:

The President is about to enter the press room. This will be the first time he has spoken in public since this horrific nuclear terrorist attack which has obliterated Los Angeles.

Here he is...
Uhh.........The president hasn't said anything in 5 minutes. He's just standing there with a worried painful look on his face. The red lights on his I/V machine are blinking rapidly. There seems to be a problem. Oh, my. He's falling to the ground.


Post 13 (from the same poster in 9 & 11):



Post 14:

...He seems to be moaning something....

"....Give Cheney command....uuuhhhg"


Post 15:

How could we have ever predicted that this scenario would ever happen? George W. Bush was the picture of health! He was an avid runner. Why didn't we know about this condition?

Huh?.....What's that?......

My producer has just informed me that the President apparently skipped his scheduled medical this year. It was to be in October.


Post 16:

...Boy! This is quite a tragic set of circumstances...

Los Angeles is no longer here and our leader is incapacitated.

If it wasn't so serious, it would be ironic. He was, after all, the "best" choice by polls everywhere to be the best to handle terrorism.


Post 17:

Vice President Cheney is about to speak for the first time after taking command.

"There's a lot of fear and anxiety out there about our latest casuality. What's that? Of course I mean the president -- Dumbass! "

O.K. Here's my comforting response to all of you crybabies out there -- Who gives a shit! I'm officially in charge now! Finally! Now we don't have to F--- around with that earpiece thingamajig!"


Post 18:

The gasps in the press room are deafening.

Vice President Cheney is about to say something more:


No! No! Say it 'aint true! The non-important diversionary issue of the health of the president has now become a huge problem. We have never been as vulnerable as we are now.

Where's George de Paris?!! I've got some probing questions to ask him -- THAT BASTARD!!!


10:30 AM  
Blogger STOP_George said...


O.K. -- Check this one out guys!!!!!

I think this is clear evidence that Bush is trying to hide his bulge.

Look at his left shoulder / chest area.

His jacket has a mammoth amount of extra padding!!!



12:22 PM  
Blogger Political Commentator said...

And that is why this bulge story needed to be told before the election.

If the public could have been made aware of his cheating it would have been different.

The media has cost this eleciton, not just this one story, but a host of others.

2:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Political Commentator:

New name:

"Political Instigator"

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bunch of sore losers.

GIVE IT UP. Nobody cares but you!

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I care.

i have never posted here but for what itss worth I think its awful that bush may have cheated in the debate but what really pisses me off is the 911 thing and how the media wouldnt ask questions. to me its not as much about the bulge but about the job that the press didnt do, its a simple question. if it was a vest strap ok, but then why all the fuss. i still think it was something else.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


has a small photo of Bush and Cheney's back at the convention

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above picture shows nothing but wrinkles in the suits, especially Bush's. No big deal.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

















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